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Semi-conductor light sources have really ‘come of age’

by DJC    15th February 2024

With the news that the major lamp manufacturer, G.E., are dropping production of compact fluorescent lamps (cfl’s) in favour of LED products, it underlines the fact that these semi-conductor light sources have really ‘come of age’.

In purely economic terms, the extreme efficiency of  LED’s leaves other light sources such as tungsten, cfl’s and discharge ‘In The Dark’ so to speak! With energy saving of 90% compared to conventional lighting such as tungsten being possible.

However, in order to get the best from this solid state lightsource, it is essential to design the lighting fixture to suit. At H.D.Collins we have many years experience in designing and manufacturing lighting products, and have embraced the challenge of using the LED as the preferred lightsource. Our factory in Hertfordshire is very well equipped to manufacture all types of luminaires, especially those requiring the use of Metal Spinnings, as well as fabricated sheet metal, including pressings.

Our bespoke lighting production is very well suited to get the best performance from LED’s, and we have recently been involved in converting and upgrading the lighting to LED in many large office developments, such as banks, in The City of London, and Docklands.

Public buildings, inside & out, are particularly suited to this treatment. With long hours of lighting use, these energy saving solutions have particular benefits.

We very much see this as a great opportunity to gain long term benefits for both us, as British manufacturers, and the consumer, using energy.

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